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Cato and Veil

Cato and Veil is a behaviour-centric private intelligence agency that utilises a multi-disciplinary approach to resolve complex challenges

We are more than just a crisis management consultancy, we have built a rapid response infrastructure that has reach into every country on the planet. 


Our company was created with a pandemic/post-pandemic threat landscape in mind. We have customised our approach and our personnel by recognising the changing threat landscape and on boarding people who fully understand organisational vulnerabilities, the cultural and geopolitical ecosystem and the regulatory challenges that may lay ahead. 


We don’t just help you focus on your goals — we are an extension of your company and work to harmonise your unique needs with our people and knowledge. Our aim in every engagement is to turn a crisis into an opportunity. Our business model embraces the concept of anti-fragility. Anti-fragility goes beyond robustness; it means that something does not merely withstand a crisis but improves because of it. We work on how to make your company anti-fragile, rather than simply less vulnerable to randomness and chaos or simply able to withstand an adverse incident. 


At Cato and Veil our multi-disciplinary team incorporates high profile specialists that range from former senior intelligence operatives to forensic linguists.


Truth revealed through action

Cato and Veil embrace the new era of private intelligence by integrating emerging disciplines into both our company culture and our dispute resolution strategy. 


Our mission statement is to combine prophecy with providence by leveraging the wisdom from the past and combining it with the most advanced technological solutions available. 


Cato and Veil's unique approach favours agility over raw power in dealing with adversaries in any endeavour. Our expertise operates across six main areas: investigations, intelligence, trial science, behavioural science, and strategic communications.


Insider Threat (Training and Investigations)
Missing Person investigations
False allegation investigations
Private Prosecutions
Covert Investigations
Workplace investigations
Background checks
Pre-litigation reports
Cold case investigations
Anti-counterfeit investigations
Human trafficking investigations



Environmental Crime
Wildlife Crime
Money Laundering
Ponzi schemes, embezzlement and bribery
Asset Tracing and Recovery
Underground Money Movements and Illicit Payment Methods
Regulatory Fines and Sanctions



Strategic messaging planning
Disinformation detection
Crisis communications
Reputation management
Digital assassination defence
Press and media monitoring
Media training



Forensic judicial analysis
Settlement, arbitration and mediation strategy
Relevant actor and adversory entity profiles
Jury research
Mock trials
Mock arbitration
Trial graphics



Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. Janus frequently symbolized change and transitions such as the progress of past to future, from one condition to another, from one vision to another, and young people's growth to adulthood. He represented time, because he could see into the past with one face and into the future with the other.

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